Deterrent screens from Kaynemaile™ were used efficiently in a space division application at the Rangiora High School to facilitate teaching in an open plan layout.

Designed by architecture firm Jasmax, Christchurch, the new learning centre Rakahuri at Rangiora High School provides an open plan teaching space, café, and other facilities. The school needed a flexible and movable screen to suit an innovative classroom layout at the new learning centre. Installed by GRJ Developments and Kaynemaile, the Spacemaile deterrent screen system provided a flexible space division solution to the school to optimise the use of their open plan teaching space.

The folding screens that form the Spacemaile deterrent screen system is ideal for sectioning off space in the open plan layout of the new learning centre without compromising visual transparency or airflow. When not in use, the screens fold away into a cupboard with a super low stack ratio.

Key features of Spacemaile deterrent screens include lockable posts allowing the user to pre-set the locking position along the floor length into the floor sockets; stainless steel armatures running the full width of the screen allowing it to fold and move easily; head track system eliminating need for a bottom track; and wide colour range for an aesthetic finish.