Spacemaile folding screens available from Kaynemaile™ combine security features with functionality for use in diverse interior applications such as retail malls, offices, libraries and schools among many more.

Users can pre-set their locking position wherever needed along the floor width, thanks to Spacemaile deterrent screens, which use lockable posts combined with in-set floor sockets. The stainless steel armatures run the full width of the screen making a super low stack ratio.

Deterrent screens from Spacemaile are used to create sectioned-off areas or larger open areas depending on specific customer requirements. Featuring a head track system developed internally, Spacemaile deterrent screens don’t rely on a bottom track, and come in a wide colour range and great looking components to meet aesthetic objectives.

Sumner's new library and community hub Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre in Christchurch recently installed two deterrent screens from Spacemaile. Athfield Architects specified the screens to divide areas within the library space. The screens are lockable for added security without compromising visibility or airflow.

Another installation saw Shed 10 on Queens Wharf in Auckland choose Spacemaile folding screens to provide security and screening for the multi-functional event space and cruise ship terminal. These screens are being used to create sectioned-off spaces or large open areas depending on the requirement.

Spacemaile deterrent screens are made from the same mesh used in exterior projects.