When you are looking to step up the design element in open plan interior spaces, explore a range of screen solutions from Kaynemaile™.

Now you can divide and define your interiors better with Kaynemaile’s hanging, folding or framed dividers. Kaynemaile’s mesh screens are perfect for creating privacy and partitioning spaces, not only adding an artistic element to each space with their highly textural design but also providing transparency and airflow.

Hanging Screens

Kaynemaile hanging screens offer a ceiling-hung solution for creating functional separation while maintaining transparency and airflow. Made from Kaynemaile’s polycarbonate architectural mesh, the hanging screens can be customised to any size without distracting gaps or seams. These screens are available in a range of 14 standard colours to suit any design palette.

Folding Screens

When you need a solution to divide spaces temporarily, consider Kaynemaile’s folding screens that can be retracted when not needed. Ideal for creating smaller, more intimate spaces within big open plan areas, these folding screens are perfect for restaurants and bars, open plan offices or event spaces where flexibility is required. Lockable screens can also be supplied for extra security if needed.

Framed Screens

Kaynemaile framed screens are designed to fit into framed openings such as doors, windows and cabinetry using an aluminium low profile track. When combined with feature lighting, they are perfect for retail point of sale and commercial design applications. Made from Kaynemaile's polycarbonate architectural mesh, these interior screens are available in a range of 14 standard colours to match any decor plan.