A new innovation from Kaynemaile™ is helping several car parks around the world maintain a cool environment by reducing solar heat.

Kaynemaile-Armour, a unique architectural façade product with a mesh structure not only delivers significant solar reduction, but also provides a wide scope for design by maintaining visual transparency.

Kaynemaile-Armour’s solar reduction properties protect the building from direct sunlight without restricting the cooling effects of air movement, thereby significantly reducing the total energy costs required to cool a building in hot climates.

Featuring a three-dimensional mesh structure with a high proportion of the mesh surface area always in shade, the Kaynemaile-Armour façade gives a cooling effect as air passes through the cross-sectional open area.

Key features and benefits of Kaynemaile-Armour architectural façade include 70% reduction in radiant and thermal conductive heat entering the building envelope; ability to protect the building from heat conduction with the mesh remaining at a near ambient temperature; high-grade polycarbonate construction with robust strength and impact resistance; and lightweight form at just 3kg per square metre simplifying handling on site and minimising the need for structure and fixings otherwise required for metal façade equivalents.

Kaynemaile-Armour was recently installed on the Loma Linda University car park façade in San Bernardino, California. Given the hot, dry climate of San Bernardino, sun protection and airflow were critical requirements in the design. Kaynemaile-Armour was installed quickly to provide enhanced airflow through beautiful louvre-like strips.