Architectural mesh from Kaynemaile™ is an ideal material for beautifying as well as protecting buildings and their occupants from the elements. Suitable for both new builds and existing constructions, Kaynemaile-Armour is a versatile polycarbonate architectural mesh product that can be used for facade cladding, rain and wind screening, and solar shading on buildings.

Exterior Kaynemaile-Armour was recently installed on the Coco California retail store in Port Lincoln, Australia. Designed by architects Bascomb Family, the Coco California store chose Kaynemaile-Armour mesh to modernise their existing, low key retail frontage, adding some upscale cool to the existing facade. The mesh facade was installed by Aiden Sheehy and AS Building.

Coco California owner Aislinn Bascomb was “absolutely delighted with the result”.

Kaynemaile’s exterior facade systems are available in a broad range of options from single-piece flat screens for retail facades to multi-screen sculptural car park building installations to suit both design and budget.