Karndean International  offers Walkatex range of carpets. These carpets provided by Karndean International are resistant to stains as well as waterproof carpets. This carpet provides an efficient and effective floor covering with prolonged durability and minimal maintenance. Walkatex carpets consist of about 66 million straight and upright nylon fibres. These nylon fibres neither have loops nor twists. This provides the unique warmth and feeling of conventional carpets that can be cleaned easily unlike conventional carpets.

Walkatex carpets provided by Karndean International comprise of many benefits such as washable, resistance to flames and also colourfast. Karndean International has also implemented an interactive floor design program known as Floorstyle. This design program provides diverse range of design options offered by Karndean International on the computer screen. This designs program can be used easily helping the customer to create unique designs for attractive personalised flooring.

Various other products provided by Karndean International include Pedigree carpets, Flotex sheets and Flotex tiles. Pedigree carpets offered by Karndean International are anti static carpets that are resistant to rots as well as waterproof. Renoir design floorings provided by Karndean International are available in concrete, fuego, marble, slate as well as travertine types.