When designing the flooring for education environments across schools, colleges and universities, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. In addition to health and safety of students and staff, factors such as durability, comfort and function of the space as well as aesthetics also contribute to an efficient design.

Thanks to Karndean’s limitless design capabilities, education spaces can be created to suit the individual needs of end users. Education buildings have come a long way from the old dull and dreary classrooms, and dank, monotonous corridors. Modern classrooms require designs that excite and inspire students to want to learn and enjoy the process of learning. The Kaleidoscope collection by Karndean Designflooring is the perfect flooring for this purpose with its six geometric shapes that can be cut in a number of colour combinations across Karndean’s established wood and stone designs, and arranged in endless patterns.

The versatility of the Kaleidoscope flooring collection also allows designers to zone out areas by function with contrasting colours and textures of Karndean’s wood and stone designs combined to help with wayfinding, while also maintaining a modern style.

For instance, rooms such as school canteens, science labs and art classrooms would ideally need optimal floors that would be simple to clean as well as durable enough to cope with heavy footfall and furniture, and have a high slip resistance rating to avoid accidents. Karndean flooring is easy and inexpensive to clean and maintain, enabling the school to maintain the highest standards of hygiene, while the R10 slip resistance rating available for all products ensures safety for all users.

Among design considerations, architects and specifiers also have to factor in the increasing need for anti-allergen environments in educational institutions. Karndean’s products have a low VOC rating, and the adhesives used for installation are free from harmful emissions. Compared to carpet tiles that harbour dirt and dust mites, which are eventually released into the air to cause allergies, Karndean is a healthier and more practical alternative.

Noise emission is another problem in education environments – unnecessary noise inside or outside the classroom can distract students and negatively impact their learning. The rigid core collection, Korlok featuring a pre-attached acoustic foam backing that can reduce noise transfer to rooms below up to 19dB, boasts Karndean’s highest performing acoustic qualities to date. Korlok flooring is ideal for multi-storeyed schools and can also minimise the general noise of footsteps around the classroom.

All Karndean floors incorporate the K-Guard+ surface protection system to provide a hygienic and durable finish that will protect the floor for years to come. A practical and resilient choice for schools, colleges and universities, Karndean flooring helps create a safe and inspiring educational environment for students.