The Pedigree Entrance Zone available from Karndean Designflooring is an excellent entrance flooring system designed to capture soil and moisture passively as people walk on the dense pile.

Functioning as the first point of contact for a visitor entering an office building, the new Pedigree Entrance Zone fulfils the two key objectives of installing an entrance flooring system: cost savings through reduced cleaning and maintenance; and everyday protection of floor coverings within the building.

Maintenance can account for 80% of the total lifecycle cost of flooring in a typical office environment; an effective entrance system is, therefore, important to protect the investment inside the office.

The Pedigree Entrance Zone features coarse scraping fibres and a dense pile that can hold over five litres of water per square metre and take up to 90% of dirt and water off people’s shoes. By preventing dirt and moisture from entering the interior space of the office building, this entrance flooring delivers a practical solution to keep indoor flooring looking good for longer while also reducing the cleaning and maintenance requirement.

Being adaptable to any space, Pedigree Entrance Zone offers versatility in installation and can be loose-laid, set into a large mat well or fully installed like a carpet.

Carl Griffiths, Product Manager of Karndean Designflooring comments that Pedigree Entrance Zone has a carpet-like appearance and its ability to flow seamlessly from the entrance to another space is an important aspect in maintaining a consistent office aesthetic. Pedigree Entrance Zone delivers the required durability and protection along with a look that fits in with the overall design scheme.