The latest chapter in the Elements of Design series by Karndean Designflooring explores the impact of line and shape on home decor. 

The use of line and shape – whether horizontal, diagonal or curved – influences how space is perceived by the individual. Thinking through the planning stage can make a huge difference to the project’s design outcomes.

Flooring is a good place to begin when it comes to incorporating line into the home decor; floors offer numerous opportunities to reflect the homeowner’s personality. For instance, straight laid flooring evokes feelings of stability and emphasises space by helping it look wider, or longer; 45-degree flooring connotes a sense of dynamic movement, which can make minimal spaces feel complete; herringbone flooring can be teamed with Scandi style furniture for a contemporary look; or curved lines can be incorporated into the flooring to add a playful feel to the space and draw attention to key features.

Walls represent another avenue for showcasing line and shape. There are several options to suit the budget from luxury wallpapers to inspired paint designs.

Accessories play a major role in interior design with many opportunities available to get creative in bringing shape into the space. Avoid clutter by repeating shapes in various places, such as on cushions, wall art and ornaments in order to establish visual harmony.

Karndean Designflooring invites homeowners to share photos of their line and shape-inspired flooring designs on Twitter or Instagram using #KarndeanElements.

Featured Floor: LooseLay – Stamford LLP109. Repetitive use of circles in the ceiling light, mirror, cushion, chairs and even the snooker balls, helps to tie the space together.