KarelCAD  has recently partnered with AGA-CAD to offer tools4revit to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Tools4revit extensions provide functionality to Revit users in the Architecture, MEP and Structural industries that take the existing Revit platform and give it real BIM system power for design estimation, calculation and detailing applications.

KarelCAD has also recently released the new “kbim” tools4revit package that is inclusive of BID, Sort and Cope, Sort and Mark and Dynamic legend, together with the most recent full version of “Quicktable” which is available for free through the KarelCAD web site.

Each tool has a specific task aiming to offer results from existing Revit platforms. The current extensions being offered through KarelCAD include:


  • A set of tools for building model detailing and BIM data analysing
  • Allows you to quickly create, modify and update legends for different elements of Revit
  • Automatically sorts and marks (tags) graphic, architectural and structural elements. These extensions allow you to save specific localised sort and mark configurations for use in current or future projects
  • A set of tools for managing the process of coping Structural Framing Elements by a predefined coping distance
Sheet Manager

Extension provides a set of tools for sheets management. Automatically produces new sheets by a selected template. Adds new views to corresponding sheets according to the selected view position.


A special 3D Truss System Grid was created. This tool helps layout and frame roof hips, gables, barn ends, “L” returns and valley sets very easily.


Application provides a set of tools for roof wood framing and elements scheduling. Work is based on a final 3D roof model. Common rafter systems (incl. jack rafters) for a selected roof are automatically generated on all slopes.

Quick Table

Extension automatically allows insertion of any external text or numerical data and creates/updates the resulting table in a Revit drafting view.

Further information on Tools4revit extensions or other software products is available from KarelCAD.