Nature Roof green roof systems from Kalzip Australia not only look great but meet environmental, technical and design requirements. These green roof systems recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen and generate a healthy micro climate around a building by locking up airborne pollutants and improving air quality. Nature Roofs also soak up rainwater releasing it gradually to prevent flooding as well as acting as sound absorbing masses.

The design of these green roofs incorporates 18 separate elements in addition to the plants. These elements include:

  • Drainage matting
  • Filter webs
  • Rainwater reservoirs
  • Planting substrates
  • Plant fertilisers
Low growing, self regenerating, drought resistant plants are used to cover the roof. The system not only nourishes and supports these plants it also helps to stop the growth of weeds.

Installing a green roof system encourages insects and birds as well as contributes to the feel good factor felt by the owners and occupants. These green roof systems are also easy to install, fully recyclable, low maintenance and can be retro fitted onto existing Kalzip roofs.