Insulation products from Kalzip Australia reduce the need to heat or cool buildings and limit emissions of carbon dioxide. These products are hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and hydro fluorocarbon (HFC) free and also have a global warming potential (GWP) rating of less than five.

Kalzip's range of insulation products include:

  • Glass and rock fibre quilt
  • Semi rigid slab
  • High density slab
  • Mineral fibre quilt
The most popular type of insulation is the quilt type. It is a non hygroscopic material that does not absorb any moisture but will retain it on the surface of its fibres where it is then evaporated away. Compressed insulation works by completely filling the roof void above the vapour control layer and together with Kalzip sheet seams it eliminates the need for a breather membrane material within the roof system. Other Kalzip insulants have thermal performance properties and can also be used when additional acoustic performance is desired.