Juvana Marketing  encourages a wide range of environmentally as well as safe products, including road making products. Juvana Marketing also imports various kinds of stainless steel and wire that are sold to local and overseas manufacturers. The products that are marketed by Juvana Marketing comprises of retail and wholesale, renewable energy traffic safety devices, new and innovative products.

Juvana Marketing offers products such as solar powered raised pavement markers, solar powered pavers, LED traffic wands, hard wired raised pavement markers, variable message boards, solar powered street lighting, OEM DD asset tracking systems and data delivery, patriot detection loop and so on. The solar powered raised pavement makers involve low cost, maintenance free as well as an effective alternative to overhead street lighting. The SolarMaker MS-Series markers offer higher road or path visibility and at the same time helps to avoid the problems associated with battery powered makers.

The solar powered pavers are powered only during daylight. During the day the solar powered pavers uses its internal solar cells in order to make their own electricity. solar powered pavers do not involve running cost. The LED traffic wands are reliable as well as economical hand held safety light that covers features such as weatherproof, tough and maintenance free.