With their full range of tactile indicators, Just Mats continues their expansive design for access and mobility solutions that provide a safer environment for those who are blind or vision impaired.

Australia’s ageing population is predicted to double over the next 25 years, and it has become of paramount importance to offer an independent safe guidance and warning system of potential hazards and obstructions, providing access to information for people with vision impairments.

Just Mats have a wide variety of tactile indicators available to suit all budgets and applications. Their range of tactile systems includes marine grade 316 stainless steel tactiles, UV stabilised polyurethane discrete warning studs, Bayer polyurethane peel and bond 300mm x 300mm tiles, ceramic and granite tactile indicators.

Marine Grade 316 individual stainless steel tactile indicators were recently used for a recent installation at Macquarie University Hospital. The tactile indicators were diamond core drilled into thick slate pavers, at entrances, exits, stairways and ramps.

Tactile indicators provide directional and hazard warnings and can be used inside or outside.