New surface mounted aluminium frames, available from Just Mats , are ideal for RolaDek mat entrance floooring applications that require transitions to other surface finishes and levels, or where a recessed well is not an option.

These functional surface mounted frames can be positioned on any substrate and easily retrofitted in a short amount of time.     

Equipped with four ramped sides, these surface mounted frames provide a 50mm tapered surface with no trip hazard. The tapered aluminium frame reduces from 10mm to deliver an easy walk-on ramp.

The RolaDek mats roll up and slide inside the ramped surface area with ease. The engineered design wipes, cleans, dries and scrapes shoes for a safe, clean and attractive entrance and exterior environment.

Additionally, these entrance flooring mats come with continuous resilient cushioning for superior noise reduction, as well as damage control and slip resistant properties.