Just Bathroomware  presents a new range of freestanding baths from Victoria + Albert.
Featuring a contemporary design, the Mozzano freestanding bath by Victoria + Albert was released in Australia in May 2013.
A beautifully crafted rimless edge and ergonomic design are some of the design highlights of the Mozzano freestanding baths. Their asymmetrical form delivers comfort to the user with the design supporting the feet while allowing for complete immersion.
Mozzano freestanding baths are made from 100% QUARRYCAST, a unique material rich in volcanic limestone, making the bath warm to the touch and ensuring the water temperature remains warm for longer.
Key features of Mozzano freestanding baths:

  • Contemporary design
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Deep bathing and luxurious angle of recline
  • QUARRYCAST construction
  • Highly scratch resistant and easy to clean
  • 25-year guarantee