Joint free slab is a patented system from Building Innovations for the construction of slabs on grade. This system has been developed to reduce the occurrence of concrete shrinkage.

This system from Building Innovations consists of a mechanism by which a large number of cracks are formed in the entire slab area. This is done with the help of a crack inducer grid. The network of cracks is formed with plastic tubes and four way junctions.

Through the joint free slab system, Building Innovations ensures faster construction of slabs on grade. This process took a long time earlier with the use of traditional methods. It is also proved that this system of Building Innovations minimises construction cost thereby, benefiting customers and builders. Floors produced by the joint free slab system ensures high aesthetic and design value.

The installation of the joint free slab system from Building Innovations requires no special training or skills. Thus, this system of laying concrete pavements is the most beneficial to builders and contractors.

The first project where Building Innovations used its joint free slabs systems was Mt Sheridan Plaza. This system is used in residential areas, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, schools and more.