Joinery Products  offers an extensive range of windows and awning solutions. Joinery Products offers Trumax awning windows and Trumax casement windows from Trumax windows. Trumax awning windows consist of an inbuilt fly screen which can go to 1200 millimetre wide and 1800 millimetre high. Features like folding handles, wide opening and Egress clips for emergency exit are provided by the awning operators. Single and double point locks are provided which exceeds the AAMA standards for forced entry.

Trumax casement windows are an amazing window system. Casement windows are in 2100 high and 1000 wide with maximum of 90 degree ventilation and with convienent space of easy cleaning. Trumax casement windows take the glass sizes from 6 millimetres to 23 millimetres which is available with multi point locking and features with fixed fly screening.

Joinery Products offers window hardware for awnings, casements, sliding windows and double hung windows from different manufactures including Whitco, Truth, Gainsborough, Delf and Superior. Joinery Products offers door hardware in a wide range including single point face mount locks, door rollers to door closers, multi point mortice locks, handles and hinges. Joinery Products supplies complete range of door hardware from Whitco, Truth, Ryobi, Dalco, Delf, Lockwood and Gainsborough.