Joinery Products  offers complete hardware solution for doors and windows. Joinery Products offers a wide range of weather seals and related sealing systems from proven brands including Raven, Intek and Rediseal. Joinery Products offers door closer ideal for hinged and sliding doors, shop front, solid core and fly screen doors. Joinery Products offers complete range of quality closers from manufacturers including Whitco, Ryobi, Inventco and Lockwood.

Joinery Products supplies security door products and complete range of components suitable for security door fabricators from fly screen and frame to rollers and locks, from expanded and cast grills, etc. Joinery Products offers custom made product solution that exceeds the expectations.

Joinery Products offers a wide range of aluminium supplies including standard extrusions, punching cover tracks, cutting corner stakes, trouser racks etc. Joinery Products provides aluminium cutting, assembling, punching or packing solutions. Joinery Products offers Intex seals and Jambliners from Intex. Intex seals are patented system of tri-extrusion and Intek Jambliners are either block and tackle balances or springs.