Product type Ceramic Wall Tiles
Model Teal Gloss
Dimensions 97x97mm / 197x197mm / 147x147mm / 197x197mm
Thickness 6.5mm
Finish Gloss
Certifications ISO 10545.2, ISO 10545.2, ISO 10545.2, ISO 10545.2, ISO 10545.3, ISO 10545.4, BS6431:Part13/EN101 , ISO 10545.11, ISO 10545.12, ISO 10545.13, ISO 10545.14
Fire rated Class 0 Non Combustable
Colour Blue, Green

Easy-care tiles can create a feature or be a subtle backdrop to any environment. Johnson wall tiles can be used in but are not limited to traditional spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. 

Johnson Tiles