John Morris Scientific  provides scientific instrument solutions. John Morris Scientific offers a variety of instruments to bioscience departments, laboratories, environment water quality departments, petroleum and industrial instrument and food, feed and beverages. John Morris Scientific also provides quality service solution for instruments.

John Morris Scientific supplies instruments for water quality and environmental division which includes chromatography equipment, autosampler, distillation equipment, fluorescencemeters, soil co2 flux measurement, titrator, turbidity meter and weather stations.

John Morris Scientific offers ISCO – Automatic wastewater samplers for water monitoring systems. John Morris Scientific’s advance equipment includes first round sampler, first outdoor refrigerated sampler, first non-contacting liquid detector and interchangeable modules first sampler for parameters and flow. ISCO – Automatic wastewater samplers is ideal for applications like NPDES permit compliance, industrial pre-treatment compliance, CSO monitoring, stormwater runoff monitoring, water quality research and regulatory compliance monitoring.

John Morris Scientific also offers special instruments like pipette special flyer, centrifuge specials flyer, spring LAB Specials flyers, etc. John Morris Scientific provides three categories of service coverage and these are labour, breakdown repairs and parts. The service package offered is categorised to meet all kinds of service requirements.