Bradworthy Bi-folds are built by Jennings Joinery P/L , a family business run by Neill and Ashley Jennings. The business originated in England and dates back well past the 1800 century, from the town of Bradworthy in Devon.

With a family history of carpenters, wheelwrights and joiners you can feel reassured that the Bradworthy Bi-Fold you buy today will have the same distinctive quality Jennings Joiners have been producing for the last 200 odd years.

External bi-folding doors are typically used in residential homes to open up the family room to include the outside decking or paved court areas, providing an elegant and space saving gateway to the immediate external area.

Bradworthy Bi-Folds are designed to compliment your design and architecture requirements, with elegant and functional custom fitted variations of door layouts covering widths up to 5.8 metres and windows covering widths up to four metres.

Layouts can include internally only or internally and externally opened doors, with single opening doors placed to suit the client's own requirements.

Bradworthy Bi-Folds are made exclusively from Western Red Cedar which has an exceptionally high dimensional stability rating.

Jennings Joinery’s windows and doors are sealed with two coats of either paint or stain in the factory, before glazing and on site installation. After installation, they insist that another two coats are applied. This will protect your investment in the bi-fold doors.

By only using top quality stainless steel hardware and architectural grade aluminium alloy for handles, tracking, hinge pins, carrier pins and carrier bogeys, Bradworthy Bi-Folds have eliminated any potential premature wearing and ensure effortless use indefinitely.

To achieve a better thermal rating, reduce external noise levels and reduce the amount of UV rays penetrating your home, Bradworthy Bi-Folds are glazed with 6.38mm laminated glass, blocking out more traffic noise and providing increased strength and security.