Silicone sealing specialist Jehbco Manufacturing Pty Ltd offers silicone tubes as a more superior alternative to conventional silicone sponge sealing solutions.

Silicone sponge has been traditionally used as a seal for castings and fittings that are not uniform in size. Being soft, sponge will fill up the voids better than a more solid material. Too little compression would mean the lid or enclosure would be difficult or impossible to close.

Jehbco has utilised its 40 years of experience in silicone sealing to establish that sponge is not always the best choice for sealing. For instance, its ineffective compression does not allow it to bounce back very well when squashed down. In addition to the open cell structure, the sponge sealing is also not totally waterproof.

Jehbco’s trials have shown that the best choice for silicone seals is a solid tubular cross section or a profile with a hollow area to allow for compression. The silicone tubes will bounce back more consistently and form a watertight seal for an extended period of time. Greater tensile and tear strength as well as choice of colours are also advantages.