Products from ASI JD MacDonald are designed to help companies enhance their green credentials and achieve the necessary credits that lead to LEED certification.

The purpose of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building certification system is to help ensure the environmental viability of construction projects, especially in energy saving capabilities and resource preservation.

ASI JD MacDonald’s green initiatives:

Automatic Hand Dryers

ASI JD MacDonald has a complete line of high-speed automatic hand dryers that are GreenSpec certified. These hand dryers use less energy, and require minimal maintenance.

Stainless Steel Products

Most of ASI JD MacDonald’s products are at least 95% stainless steel by weight. These products are 100% recyclable, contain approximately 65-70% post-recycled content, have no pores or cracks to conceal dirt and bacteria avoiding the use of harsh cleaning chemicals, feature built-in corrosion resistance eliminating the need for a coating, which is a source of harmful emissions, and are very durable with a long service life.

Solid Plastic

ASI JD MacDonald’s baby change stations and other select products are made of Solid Plastic (HDPE). Highlights include 100% recyclability, poly dust generated by cutting is collected for reuse, excess material is ground up and bagged for cleanliness and reuse, approximately 30-70% pre-consumer material content, and resistance to water, stains, and corrosion.