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    Beating bacteria

    ASI JD MacDonald

    According to JD MacDonald clinical trials have shown that its new Pronto hand-drying system - a combination of two hand-drying methods: paper towel and electric air dryer - is one of the most hygienic and time effective hand-dryers available.

    The trials tested the effectiveness of Pronto and three conventional drying methods in reducing a variety of bacteria, common in causing infections in healthcare and hospitality facilities, and on hands after they have been washed and dried, finding that overall Pronto reduces bacterial levels on the hands of 81.5 percent of users, which is significantly more effective than traditional electric hand dryers and paper towels.

    The research also found that Pronto is the most time-effective method of drying hands, with a total average drying time of 16.9 sec, which is 32 percent faster than paper towels and 56 percent faster than traditional electric air dryers.

    Hygiene management consultant Kevin Nagle says the research into Pronto is a key advancement for hygiene management in the healthcare and hospitality industries. “The research supports that Pronto, when correctly used, is highly likely to reduce the incidence of staff-related bacteria outbreaks in health and hospitality facilities,” he notes. “In the past, hand washing protocols took precedence when it came to controlling the level of bacteria on the hands of healthcare and hospitality workers. Recent research, however, shows that hand drying is just as important in preventing the spread of bacteria.”

    Source: Building Products News.

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