JCV  started in mid 1970s, is a company that creates architectural designs and building restorations based on the request of consumers, builders and architects. JCV offers special products which suit the existing design and architectural features.

JCV supplies various architectural products including wall caps, window sills, pyramid caps, pier caps, balustrades, columns and pedestals, blocks and quoins, gate and fence posts and landscape products.

JCV columns are decorative and stylish and lengths of these columns come up to 3500 millimetres. Columns from JCV are of various types. Tuscan range of columns is available in sandstone colour, while Corinthian columns are light yellow in colour.

Columns and pedestals are also offered by JCV which are available with different pedestal shaft size and heights.

Gate and fence posts from JCV have a base size of 670 x 670mm and have a height of 150mm. These gates and fences are wall built with shamphered blocks. These shamphered blocks are 710mm long x 250mm high x125mm wide, they also come with a wall cap.

Gate posts have a base dimension 450 x 450mm and a stackable shaft dimension of 350 x350 x 350 mm. A flat cap with sphere or a pyramid cap can be placed to make higher posts.