Jands announces the launch of the latest digital wireless microphone system from Shure.

Shure’s Microflex Wireless microphones feature direct Dante connectivity to access point transceivers. The MXWAPT4 and MXWAPT8 transceivers directly output Dante digital audio. This means that in an installation utilising Dante enabled DSP such as the BSS BLU806, the MXW transceiver output can be directly linked to the audio DSP via a single CAT cable, saving on material, time and money.

This also results in better RF coverage as the ‘receiver’ (transceiver) is mounted on the wall close to the microphones, rather than in a rack or locked away in a communications closet.The sleek, discrete styling of the MXWAPT transceivers fits well in any corporate environment. The transceivers can also be painted to any colour of choice to meet decor requirements.

All MX Wireless transmitters utilise Li-ion rechargeable batteries, eliminating any need for disposable batteries, as well as ongoing cost on replacements.