Wild Gravity is an audiovisual production company based in Townsville, Queensland, catering to extensive range of clients and events from live gigs to conferences. As a result the company requires a variety of lighting control consoles and managing director, Noel Anthony, believes that Vista, from Jands is the ideal choice for this range.

The company had previously owned a Vista M1 Control Surface and an S1 Control Surface, when Noel purchased a Vista I3 Console last year.

The Vista I3 is a mid-range console that provides all the features of the full-size T4/T2 consoles in a more compact and economical package. Featuring the software, processor, and control elements of the standalone consoles, the Vista I3 gives users the option of using a touchscreen, pen-tablet, standard monitor, mouse, or keyboard as preferred.

Noel particularly likes the Vista’s ability to create its own fixture library especially as he has purchased some of his fixtures from China.“In fact I made a library for a fixture before it even arrived and the minute I plugged it in it worked perfectly,” he said. “I was very impressed by that. All its attributes were as they should be and it’s very easy to edit your own fixture.”

The Vista’s simple, visual interface brings a whole new world of speed, ease of use and sheer intuitiveness to the art of lighting.