The lighting personnel at Sydney Theatre Company have decided to update their Wharf 2 studio venue lighting system using Jands ETC Ion lighting systems, due to their high performance output and console flexibility in the past.

Graham Henstock, Head of Lighting at Sydney Theatre Company, says; “We were very pleased with the way the ETC Ions were performing in Wharf 2 so we decided to purchase two 2000 channel ETC Ions for Wharf 1. We decided that the ETC Ions were the best fit for our venues on the Wharf in that they’re a very flexible console but compact enough to fit into all of our bio boxes.”

“We are extremely happy with our choice to move to the ETC Ion. It is a very powerful theatrical lighting console, which my operators are finding intuitive to use and a pleasure to program. In addition, we are also using an RVI, which we install at the production desk during plotting,” added Graham.  

Sydney Theatre Company has installed one of the new ETC Ion lighting systems to act as the primary console, whilst the other operates as a tracking back-up. The primary console is fitted with a 20 fader wing. Three of Pathway’s Pathport C-Series nodes have also been purchased to manage data distribution throughout the venue.