Leading Sydney based audio visual specialist EventSound has added two digital consoles from the Soundcraft Si series to their inventory.

EventSound Managing Director Keith Clarkson says that both the Soundcraft Si Compact and Performer 2 consoles have been delivering excellent performance. An ardent Soundcraft fan, Keith was eagerly looking forward to the release of the Compact and Performer series of digital consoles. Describing them as the digital console for the analogue guy, he explained that they were the first digital consoles he knew how to operate without even turning them on, thanks to an intuitive layout.

Keith’s first event with the Soundcraft Si Compact was for Jennifer Hawkins’ engagement party held at Palm Beach with live performances from Martini Club and guest performer Guy Sebastian. The digital console’s intuitive layout allowed him to set it up for FOH and monitor mixes easily.

The Soundcraft Si Performer 2 console was the next step up for the EventSound crew; with additional channel EQ and VCAs on the console as well as channel LCD displays, the Performer 2 was a much better equipped console to use with higher profile artists.

According to Keith, the Performer 2 console has been used for intimate shows with Pink, Taylor Swift, Rudimental, Ed Sheeran, FUN, Dizzee Rascal and Pompeii, with most international touring engineers providing positive feedback on the equipment.

EventSound has set up the Si Performer 2 console with an optical MADI card for 64 multitrack outputs direct to a MADI recorder that is frequently used for their live recording work.

The only downside to EventSound adding Soundcraft Si Compact and Si Performer 2 digital consoles to their equipment range is that the company does not like to use anything else.

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