Jands  recently supplied popular breakfast television program Sunrise with an ETC Desire XT LED. The team used ETC Desire XT LED lighting fixtures while in Antarctica, a trip where they produced a live, broadcast quality transmission from the continent.  

The lighting team at Channel 7 had an ETC Desire XT lighting fixture on order to replace a broken HMI fixture, and luckily it was available through Jands the day before the Sunrise team departed for Antarctica. 

Sunrise director, Paul Slater praised the ETC Desire XT LED lighting fixtures explaining, “It’s an all encompassing, weather-proof light that enables us to dial in different colour temperatures, whether it’s daylight or tungsten lighting.”

The XT luminaires were designed for permanent outdoor use in a variety of climates and weather conditions and can be used safely in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 40°. It is no wonder then that Sunrise opted for the ETC Desire XT LED lighting fixtures, as they ensured broadcasts were of a high quality regardless of Antarctica’s extreme conditions.

The ETC Desire™ XT LED fixtures have an IP66 rating. This means that the XT lighting fixtures’ enclosures have no ingress of dust and they protect their electrical components from water. They are also undamaged when they come into contact with ice.

During its few days in cold and snowy Antarctic conditions, the ETC Desire™ XT LED lighting fixture constantly produced bright, clean light without taking on moisture or corroding.

“The ETC Desire™ XT LED delivered a lot of punch which is exactly what I needed down there,” explained Slater “The shots looked great and I’ve had nothing but positive feedback about the broadcast" he continued.

These XT fixtures continue to work effectively in extreme temperatures and conditions such as snow, sleet and fog. This makes them a perfect all weather lighting product.