Fresnels are the workhorse of any theatrical lighting rig and are indispensable in stage wash applications. Though multicell LED fixtures have been used as colour mixing replacements for the Fresnel, none have delivered the homogenous beam and true linear dimming performance of the conventional Fresnel and dimmer combination.
A new range of LED Fresnels from Italian theatrical luminaire specialists Spotlight offers the perfect replacement for conventional power-hungry versions. Delivering higher light output than a conventional 1000w Fresnel while using a quarter of the power, the new FresneLED 250 RGBW brings full colour mixing to Spotlight’s Green Line fixture series.
Spotlight’s FresneLED250 RGBW packs a 250w RGBW LED chip set into their well-known Area 12 Halogen Fresnel housing to deliver better output performance in white light than 1000w conventional luminaires. Once colour is mixed with the FresneLED 250 RGBW, the light output is comparable to many 2000w conventional luminaire and filter combinations. Remote Device Management (RDM) allows the fitting to be configured remotely from an RDM capable controller making it the perfect solution for inaccessible lighting positions.
The Red, Green, Blue and White LEDs combine to offer an extended palette of true colours that will work seamlessly alongside conventional fixtures and deliver the results expected by lighting designers. A selectable CCT white light control provides continuous colour temperature adjustment from 3000 to 6000 Kelvin. While mixing colour, one can also choose from RGBW control, Hue and Saturation or familiar CMY modes.
Dimming can be run in 8 or 16 bit mode ensuring a smooth and stable dimming curve even at low levels without the need for expensive external dimmers. An extended 30,000-hour lamp life coupled with the low 300w power draw and lack of expensive colour filter stock means that the FresneLED 250 makes sound economic sense.
Benefits of the Spotlight FresneLED 250 RGBW also include reduced maintenance with no lamp or gel changes, lower power bills and lower heat load for the HVAC system. The FresneLED saves time and running costs without compromising the quality of light hitting the stage.
Key features of Spotlight FresneLED 250 RGBW:

  • 250W chips gives light output higher than a 1 kW halogen lamp in white light and equivalent to 2 kW for important colours
  • Zoom from 16° spot to 50° even field flood
  • More than 16 million pure colours in RGBW configuration
  • Selectable CCT white control from 3000 to 6500K
  • Cyan Magenta Yellow configuration compatible with subtractive colour systems
  • ‘Hue and Saturation’ direct control
  • Slave and master set up for quick control of large installations
  • 8 or 16 bit control for extra soft dimming even at very low levels
  • RDM function for faster setup and control
  • Only 250W of energy, instead of 1 kW, saving energy
  • Over 30,000 hours of LED life
  • Simplified installation wiring with no dedicated dimmed lines required
  • Less heat generated, saving on air conditioning costs
  • No hot parts in the housing, IR and UV emissions, or high voltage ignition
  • No mercury or radioactive components
Optional versions


  • Pole operated tilt, pan and zoom
  • DMX controlled motorised yoke


  • Colour filter frame 168x168 mm
  • 4 leaf barn doors
  • Hook clamps for 30 - 50 mm; trusses
  • Safety rope with spring hook
The Spotlight FresneLED 250 RGBW will be seen in Australia at the upcoming Entech show in July on the Jands booth. 
Jands is a leading Australian distributor of professional lighting systems as well as sound and staging equipment.