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Live performance microphones and recording microphones from the Shure SM range have proven their worth through decades of rigorous use and abuse on stage and in the studio.  

Shure’s newer editions, SM27 and SM137 give performers and engineers even more tools and capabilities.  

The SM27 is a range of rugged and versatile large-diaphragm, side-address cardioid condenser microphones designed to pick up the nuances of vocals and instruments with clarity.  

This microphone has a one-inch ultra-thin Mylar diaphragm for superior transient response, exceptional low frequency reproduction and low self-noise at just 9.5 dB SPL to reveal fine detail when recording or during live performance.  

SM27 microphones offer lower self-noise and improved dynamic range specifications over the KSM27 model that it has replaced.  

The SM137 is a range of cardioid probe microphones designed for instrument recording applications.  

The SM137 employs an ultra-thin diaphragm for smooth high end and tight, controlled low end response.  

Its 15 dB attenuator enables it to handle sound pressure levels as high as 154 dB SPL for consistent reproduction of delicate acoustic as well as high-volume amplified instruments. The SM137 replaces the KSM109 model.  

Shure’s Director of Global Brand Communications, Terri Hartman says that Shure SM wired microphones have been the standard by which microphone performance has been judged for more than 40 years.  

The SM27 and SM137 microphones provide further SM microphone options for live performance as well as recording and build on the heritage of SM microphones as critical tools for audio professionals.