ETC introduces the Pearl LED luminaires to the Selador Series LED line designed to meet the needs of the studio market.  

Presented at the PLASA and LDI shows this year, Pearl luminaires offer easy operation and maintain stable light quality with three control channels.  

Pearl LED luminaires provide a carefully chosen mix of warm white (3200K) and cool white (5700K) LEDs, which can be variably adjusted to provide the right colour temperature of white light for the eye or the camera.  

Pearl luminaires can produce 3460 lumens from less than 150 watts of power, so the power at the video location goes a whole lot further.  

Of the three control channels that maintain stable light quality, the first two channels control the 3200K and 5700K elements individually.  

Once the two elements are mixed to get the desired balance, the third control can be used to give smooth and accurate intensity control over the balanced white light.   

Pearl luminaires are available in single cell, two-cell, four-cell or six-cell configurations. Each cell comprises of 40 Luxeon Rebel 2.5W LEDs, giving the single cell fixture a maximum current draw of 144 watts.  

Native beam angle is 17 degrees with a range of vertical and horizontal secondary lens kits available to permit 20- to 80-degree beam spreads in 10-degree increments.  

Pearl LED fixtures perform well under Australian conditions with the luminaires rated for continuous operation in ambient temperatures of up to 40ºC.  

The low noise, low speed fan maintains thermal stability for the light sources and is virtually inaudible in line with the demands of the studio market.   

While all LED sources experience some degree of output loss and colour shift over time, ETC’s Selador luminaires will still maintain 70% of their initial lumens after 50,000 hours of use, enabling several more years of life under high usage.  

Other benefits of the high output and flexible colour temperature luminaires include high colour rendering and smooth control.  

ETC’s Selador Series Pearl LED luminaires are available from Jands .