Reddam House, one of Sydney’s exclusive schools situated in the Eastern Suburbs, recently converted a church into an auditorium due to the expertise of Avsound Productions.

Jands’ JBL audio system was Avsound’s first choice with JBL AC2215 speakers used as the main front of house speakers while JBL AC2212 speakers were used as a delay system down the room.

A further pair of JBL Control29 speakers supplied delay for the balcony areas.

“The main reason why we chose JBL speakers was that the client wanted a system that could be used for theatrical shows as well as for events such as school discos,” explained Matthew Kline, Avsound’s managing director. “The JBL speakers had the power to do that as well as cater to the occasional rock band. They offered the versatility.”

Driving the speaker system are Crown XS amplifiers whilst a dbx260 provides modern signal processing, while utilising a simple and intuitive user interface.

Avsound also turned to Jands for the lighting equipment chosen for this prestigious educational centre. As well as supplying Jands FP Wall Mount Dimmers, they also provided ETC Source 4 fixtures; the industry standard ellipsoidal.

“We decided to install ETC Source 4 lights to match the high quality of the rest of the project,” said Matthew. “The school uses the hall for teaching entertainment technology so if the children are to learn about theatre, I figured they needed the best theatre lights.”