Busy for the last couple of months with the Rugby World Cup, Oceania Audio & Lighting of New Zealand continues with the hectic pace to complete work for several corporate and touring events that had been deferred until after the event.

Simon Garrett, Oceania’s General Manager Lighting comments that their turnover has been up 150% for this time of year. Simon was prepared for the extra work, purchasing new Jands lighting systems such as HPC12 series dimmers (with contactor bypass) as well as additional Jands power distribution units and HPX dimmers.  

The HPC12 continues the Jands tradition of building rugged and reliable dimmers, and provides an innovative solution for all dimming and power control needs.

Simon explains that they are moving over to a system that is more in line with Australian methods whereby they build their dimmers and distro racks up for the show. Oceania has recently purchased an additional 64 moving lights and the HPC dimmers bridge the gap between a dimmer and a distro.

The HPC12 with AirGap technology integrates both dimming and high current full-on and full-off contactor type elements on each channel to deliver true, any load performance.  

Jands HPC12 series dimmers, PDS 12R power distribution units and DD8 DMX Opto-Isolators were utilised at the IRB Awards ceremony that took place at the Vector Arena in Auckland on the night following the Rugby World Cup 2011 Final.  

The basic 48-way ‘slam racks’ were made with four DD8s for a total of 24 DMX outs and 48 power or dimmers out. The Jands PDS 12R power distribution system is designed for fixed or mobile applications requiring three-phase to single phase GPO power distribution.

Simon believes that the PDS 12R is great for their slam rack scenario consisting of open racks with distros, dimmers and a motor control unit.  

The opening ceremony was a catalyst for Oceania to buy more individual components including eight Jands DD8 units to build custom racks quickly.  

Simon concludes that his entire new inventory of lighting systems is rock solid with Jands gear.