Professional Audio Services were commissioned to supply and install the audio equipment at The Cube Wodonga, a new and exciting attraction located right in the heart of Wodonga’s CBD.

The Cube Wodonga is a modern performance space that can house 1000 people standing, 320 people at round tables or 410 in theatre mode. The flat floor capacity and a stage that can be flipped to allow performances in the courtyard make it unique in north-east Victoria and southern NSW.

According to Tony Boon, managing director of Professional Audio Services (PAS), the project’s consultant specified the JBL VRX PA; having used the VRX rig a few times, he knew it was the best PA for the new venue. 

The PA system comprises of three JBL VRX 932 LAPs and a JBL VRX 918 SP per side. A pair of JBL PRX 612M cabinets is provided for foldback.

The audio equipment supplied to the venue also included JBL Eon for portable performances and JBL PRX to cover a variety of requirements such as foldback, standalone PA, side fills and outdoor café scenarios.

A Soundcraft Si Compact 32 was chosen for control. Tony describes it as a beautifully flexible console that sounds awesome and has great reverbs. A Lexicon reverb was also added for the portable rig.

Microphones are all by Shure and include Shure Beta 58As, Shure Beta 57s, Shure Beta 52s, Shure ULXs, Shure MX202s and Shure KSM137s.

Professional Audio Services also supplied a comprehensive package of lighting fixtures to the venue including 36 ETC Source Four Zoom Spots, 24 ETC Source Four Fresnels, 10 ETC Source Four ParNels and 24 ETC Source Four PARs. 

PAS also supplied six Vari*Lite VL1100 TIDs, chosen for their versatility as they cover a lot of ground.

The venue also has an ETC Ion for control as well as a Pathway Connectivity Pathport system, both installed by other suppliers.

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