Lighting systems from Vari*Lite, available from Jands have dominated concert rigs and theatrical stages worldwide for over 30 years with huge output, superior optics, unmatched colour and precision movement.  

Vari*Lite introduces two new lighting fixtures that were released along with three other new models at April’s Pro Light and Sound Show in Frankfurt.  

The new Vari*Lite VL400 Spotlights and the VLX3 Wash lights are suitable for a wide range of venues from nightclubs to the Broadway stage whilst still maintaining all the superior performance characteristics that are synonymous with the Vari*Lite brand.  

Vari*Lite VL400 Spot luminaires  

Offering superior optical quality and functionality, the Vari*Lite VL400 Spot luminaires are small, lightweight and fast with a 400-watt MSR Gold 400 MiniFastFit lamp that delivers 9000 lumens of output, a zoom range from 15º to 36º, and a mechanical iris for continuous beam control.  

Key features of Vari*Lite VL400 Spot luminaires:  

  • Drop-in frost glass assembly on an independent armature allows users to soften the overall beam at any time 
  • 14 fixed colours on two independent colour wheels for rich colour projection and snap colour changes 
  • Widespread use of direct drive motors further reduces the number of parts allowing easy maintenance 
  • Dual-purpose mechanical blade system provides smooth timed fades or variable strobe effects with minimal noise 
  • Powerful pan and tilt motors provide smooth and fast time-controlled continuous motion capable of 0.3º resolution with a pan range of 540º and tilt of 260º 
  • One gobo wheel with seven rotatable and indexable positions and a second gobo wheel with ten fixed positions for image projection 
  • Comes standard with metal gobo patterns but will also accept glass gobos 
  • Measures about 62cm H x 48cm W and weighs 25kg 
  • Capable of fitting into tight locations whilst still delivering maximum punch 
  • Highly efficient 400W MiniFastFit lamp ensures maximum output with minimal power consumption and heat generation 
  • Capable of continuous operation in ambient temperatures of up to 50ºC
Vari*Lite VLX3 Wash lights
The VLX3 Wash lights draw on the award-winning VLX Wash luminaire technology to give all the benefits of LED technology with the superior visual performance characteristics of traditional automated luminaires. 

Key features of Vari*Lite VLX3 Wash lights:  

  • 3 powerful LED engines allows wash lights to offer stunning colours and intensity, multi-year source life and high reliability 
  • Low energy consumption and maintenance costs 
  • 3 replaceable custom 120 watt RGBW LED chipsets provide output at three times the efficacy of comparable tungsten sources 
  • Total system provides approximately 6,000 lumens of white light output 
  • 10,000-hour source life of the chip eliminates lamp replacement costs 
  • 70% lumen intensity maintenance over the source life 
  • Optical system ensures colour mixing is smooth, natural and free of colour shadowing effects associated with other LED colour mixing fixtures 
  • Dynamic CRI adjustment 
  • Continuously adjustable colour temperature white range between approximately 3000 and 9000 Kelvin 
  • Beam size control is achieved by the use of an optical zoom system that offers a zoom range of 15 - 55 degrees 
  • Accessory mounting points are included allowing the attachment of additional, aftermarket beam control devices such as an extendible top hat 
  • Vari*Lite 3-phase motor system with a full 540º of pan and 240º of tilt control ensures all movements are smooth, silent and accurate 
  • Large, rugged handles ensure easy installation 
  • Seamless integration into any lighting rig or stage setting 
  • Pan and tilt transport/service locks and low fixture weight make moving the VLX3 simple and efficient 
  • Compact high output wash light weighs only 20kg 
  • Long life, low power usage, excellent colour control and true theatrical quality dimming and precision