Jands Production Services (JPS), a division of Jands , have taken delivery of a Soundcraft Vi6 digital live console, which was whisked out of the doors onto the national Delta Goodrem tour. The Vi6 was used as the monitor console by Ben Shapiro.

According to Ben Sharpio, the Soundcraft Vi6 console featured a smooth top end with a 48K console. The Soundcraft Vi6 does not use any jitter suppression. A combination between clocking, pre-amps and an operating system gives the result of high end and a low bit rate.

Soundcraft have an operating system in the Vi6, which is a work in-progress with buttons on the console yet to be enabled. The Soundcraft’s console with buttons on it that need to be enabled is an advantage as the user can introduce new features to the console for every new software introduction. However, the console at the moment with the buttons yet to be enabled is usable and flexible.

The signal path comes in and the signal flows, Vi6 is easy to use and feels like a real console. The Soundcraft Vi6 console also features channel EQ, compressor and gate sound, and it comes with a full Lexicon package. The Soundcraft Vi6 is a hardware-based unit in the form of a double PCM card that slips into the users’ local rack.