The new ETC Desire range of LED lighting systems have been designed for use on the performance stage, focusing on the importance of true colour, smooth dimming, stable output and customisation for individual needs.

LEDs commonly used on the professional lighting scene tend to have a restricted palette available from RGB source fixtures, and combined with a cold unnatural look when set to white, LED lighting systems were often considered unsuitable for serious stage lighting use.

Flagship models of ETC Desire, Lustr+, Vivid and Niche, put the user back into control.

  • The Lustr+ palette specialises in crisp white light and soft theatrical pastels, suitable for front and side light needs.
  • Vivid produces a power palette with a broad range of deep, bold saturated colours. The long throw narrow beam luminaire is a suitable over stage fixture for back, down and side lighting.
  • Niche fixtures Fire (for warm colours) and Ice (for cool colours) offer more palette specialisation for theatres.
An expansive colour palette was a priority for ETC, incorporating the x7 colour system that combines a carefully proportioned array of LED colours (between 5 and 7 depending on the model).

By adding more colours to the mix Desire is able to deliver a more uniform amount of energy across the spectrum giving you more natural looking white light and an expanded colour palette.

Additionally, broadcast applications call for high quality white light at specific colour temperatures. Desire Studio LED fixtures offer three selectable options to match three different colour temperatures:

  • Studio HD for high-definition white light
  • Studio Tungsten for warm white
  • Studio Daylight for cool white
For high power applications, the “Boost” setting delivers maximum output, driving all LED emitters to full output and disabling Desires thermal droop compensation setting.

Key features and benefits of the ETC Desire LED lighting systems include:

  • Broad repeatable colour choices at the touch of a button
  • High output suitable for stage, studio and architectural applications
  • Long life and stable output under all conditions
  • True white light that reproduced colour in lit subjects in a natural way
  • Available in a variety of sizes
More information on the ETC Desire range of LED lighting systems is available from Jands .