The decision to acquire the extension range of lighting equipment for the university’s theatre was that of Michael Jewell, Theatre Operations and Productions Supervisor for the Faculty of Arts at Monash University.

The theatre serves the University’s drama department and in order to provide students with the best chance of employment Michael feels is essential that students are familiar with industry-leading brands such as ETC. The excellent reputation of products from ETC and Jands also heavily influenced his choice.

The collection included forty-two of the newly introduced ETC Fresnels, forty-two Source Four Par EA, twenty-four Source Four 15/30 Zooms, sixteen Source Four jr, 26 and 19 degree fixed beam fixtures with snoots and several Jands 4PAK-Ds.

ETC Fresnels and Profiles are popular because of the high efficiency HPL750 watt globes that they use and by upgrading the lighting systems the theatre’s electricity usage will also be reduced.

Although Jands theatre projects division provides products and installation services to customers, local dealer ASL Systems were able to handle the sale and ongoing support for the theatre.