The Sydney Sound Relief charity concert was held at Sydney cricket ground. Jands Production Services were a part of the team involved in putting on this life changing event. JPS provided production management services, all the sound equipment for the event and 14 sound crew members to run the audio operation. Melbourne also received some JPS assistance, providing the control, monitor and crew for Midnight Oil’s performance.

A JBL VerTec PA system was chosen comprising of 54 x JBL VerTec 4889, 24 x JBL VerTec 4888 and 64 x JPS JBL 18? Sub Bass.

Four strips of VerTec were arranged hanging off the stage and four delay towers of the mid-size VerTec pushing up into the upper stand regions and corporate boxes. Keeping the intelligibility of the vocals is the main thing and JPS did that with VerTec system. The VerTec’s line array characteristics helped a lot.

The VerTec was a good solution for sound relief due to its weight (rigging onstage was an issue) and also the way that it throws.

Fifty Crown MA5002vz amplifiers were used to drive the main PA and the sub bass while eight of the new Crown MA-9000i amplifiers were running all of the delay systems.

A Dolby Lake drive rack was driving the system, crossing it all over and time aligning it.
On stage a plethora of Shure microphones - SM 81, Beta 98, SM 89, SM 91, SM 57, SM 58, Beta 57a Beta 58a, Beta 52a, 565 and KSM 137 models - kept the performers happy.

Of particular significance for JPS was the arrival of Barry Gibb to close the Sydney show. This was the third time JPS had done sound for Barry/The Bee Gees; the first time was in 1974 and again in the late 80s.