One of the Jands Vista M1 light control consoles was recently used for a light sculpture featured in Vivid Sydney 2011, a festival of light, music and ideas that includes large-scale light installations as well as music performances and seminars.

The Immersion light sculpture was designed by Martin Bevz and Kathryn Clifton, and consisted of LED tubes positioned in a semi-circle. The sculpture invited the viewer to ‘play’ with these LED tubes by reflecting their movement through the installation via a live video relay of still and moving images. The tubes were pixel mapped to form a very low-res 18 x 2m video screen.

Mr Bevz comments on using the Jands Vista M1 to control the Catalyst media server; “Not requiring a full sized console to fit in a 12RU rack for a semi permanent installation was a major plus!”

“Also, having physical faders allowed for easy programming and playback testing. The Jands Vista M1 light control consoles work on a Mac alongside the Catalyst software and that reduces hardware requirements."

"I really like the visual timeline based playback and the easy to use date/time events so an operator was not required to power up and down each day," adds Mr Bevz.