The Burdekin Cultural Complex, located in Queen Street, Ayr, includes the Burdekin Theatre, music loft, foyer, plaza and the Burdekin Memorial Hall function centre.

The 500-seat theatre has played host to hundreds of national and international stars during its history and has fostered the cultural abilities of many locals through musical productions and eisteddfods.

David Bourke is the venue’s Head Lighting Technician and has been using Jands Vista at the Burdekin Theatre and the Burdekin Memorial Hall for a couple of months now.

According to him, Jands Vista is a product he would recommend to his colleagues and those who wish to have a scalable product for their lighting inventory. The versatility of Jands Vista has been an improvement that has led to David Bourke to make it the only lighting platform to be used in all his venues.

David Bourke said that Jands Vista can be used in the main venue, a smaller area of the venue or even on an outdoor application which they are starting to do. Due to the versatility of Jands Vista, selection of the channels required and the processor (desktop, laptop etc) and the interface which suits the needs at the time is possible.

David started out with one dongle and a lead; today he has three dongles, two DMX leads, a Vista S1 and a Vista M1 as well as three laptops and two stand alone computers.

For David, the most impressive feature of the Vista is its speed; the speed at which one can do something and the fact that what used to be paperwork is now easily accessible on the screen. David Vista says that has reduced their plotting time by about 60%.

The Vista is modular, facilitating the user to have it on a laptop with a USB to DMX or add a wing board. The user can patch moving lights by simply dragging and dropping the icon. According to David the technical support offered by Jands is the best support he has ever experienced.

The web based forum answers almost every question a user would ever have about Vista. This facilitates instant technical support at the end of the computer 24/7.