The Jands Stage CL consoles meet the need for a suitable control system for LED light fixtures.

Though increasingly used as a cost-effective and flexible lighting solution, LED fixtures did not have a suitable console that would give direct control of their colour and intensity. Jands’ Stage CL console provides all the manual controls and automation one needs to get the most out of their LEDs.
Iain Reed, managing director of 32 Hundred Lighting was one of the first to see the potential of the Jands Stage CL, describing it as an ideal console for the standalone market.

He observes that the compact size of the Jands console eliminates the need to send a large console out on small jobs. The company uses the Jands LED lighting console for small corporate jobs as well as domestic jobs, setting it up and leaving it with the audio person to run it. He adds that the console can be pre-programmed with standard looks and special effects suitable for any occasion while its ease of use allows just about anyone to operate it.
Jands’ console addresses the unique needs of venues that do not have a dedicated lighting operator by enabling people with little or no knowledge of lighting to still create an impressive visual impact.
Designed with smaller venues and operators in mind, the Stage CL is ideal for rental applications, audio-visual suppliers, clubs, karaoke bars, retail spaces, schools and houses of worship.
Key features of Jands Stage CL LED lighting consoles:

  • 12 direct fixture control channels
  • Powerful yet simple recording function
  • Touch screen intuitive interface
  • Compact and elegant chassis - can be carried in one hand
  • Designed for simple operation enabling even a novice to operate comfortably