Jands  is a distributor and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of professional lighting control, sound and staging equipment.  

Jands offers ETC’s visionary Unison Paradigm system, a building lighting control system that combines architectural lighting control with entertainment lighting control technology.  

Product highlights

  • Green-minded energy management system that capitalises on daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and time schedules for maximum electricity and budget savings
  • Deep library of lighting fixtures for dynamic effects
  • Connects to different devices from different manufacturers over the same control system

Unison Paradigm system features powerful software, elegant touch screens, wall stations, modular control electronics, dimming and control enclosures as well as accessories to offer one of the most customisable and people-friendly control systems available.  

Paradigm lighting control systems scale to the requirements of diverse application areas including restaurants, hotels, casinos, schools, museums, houses of worship, office buildings and conference centres.  

This article takes a closer look at the Paradigm Architectural Control Processor, the heart of the Paradigm lighting control system.  

Built from the ground up with performance, reliability and ease-of-use as the primary objectives, the powerful Paradigm Architectural Control Processor module contains state-of-the-art electronics and is packed with input and output ports.  

The familiar and easy-to-navigate interface has a large graphic and text display. Designed to keep the lights on in the facility even during critical emergency situations, the Paradigm processor uses a robust embedded software platform, scalable internal solid-state storage and a design that allows modules to be swapped out quickly and easily in the field.  

The Paradigm processor uses solid-state components with no fans, disk drives or moving parts for continuous 24/7/365 operation.  

Key features of Paradigm Architectural Control Processor

  • Works with Unison Dimming enclosures (DRd) or Control enclosures (ERn) for powerful architectural control
  • Designed for easy interaction and rapid response
  • Built-in memory and processing power works with vast amounts of lighting control data
  • The Point of Control Interface features a large, back-lit LCD screen display showing all system vitals
  • Alphanumeric keypad allows fast data entry
  • Rotate-and-select navigation is provided by the touchwheel
  • LocalAccess function allows the user to work right at the processor’s face panel to create and edit timed events
  • Presets and sequences already programmed in the system can be accessed and changed to suit new needs without using any software
  • Alternatively, the Internet browser can be used to view and edit elements of the system using LightDesignerAccess, Paradigm’s built-in Web interface
  • Full Ethernet network control using NetConnect featuring ETC’s Net3, powered by ACN and native networking ports

An integral part of the Paradigm lighting control system along with the Architectural Control Processor is ETC’s potent LightDesigner software.  

Paradigm LightDesigner enables the system to manage lighting states automatically. Else, the user can use it as a console to program dynamic lighting events.  

ETC also offers a user-friendly interface design tool, ControlDesigner that can be used to assemble endless combinations of graphics into a complete, touch-driven environment.  

LightDesigner represents a true shift in how lighting control and dimming equipment are programmed, with built-in tools for managing the data of a project, freeing the design team to create lighting environments.  

Key features of Paradigm LightDesigner

  • Allows a designer and a technician to use real-world terms and information as they collaborate on effective lighting control scenarios including energy management, day-to-day operations, user interfaces, special events and special effects
  • Effective pre-programming and simulation capabilities that allow the user to visualise and test out changes to the lighting design as well as access powerful, real-time live control and live editing of Unison Paradigm Control System
  • EnergyManager suite of features helps the user harness maximum energy savings by using daylight harvesting (DaylightManager), occupancy sensing (OccupancyManager) and time-based controls (TimeManager) simultaneously
  • SpaceManager utility can be used to import a plan or picture of the project to assist in preparing the control layout
  • Ready-to-use built-in effects in LightDesigner’s EasyFX function can be used to design and create dramatic looks with LEDs, moving lights and zones
  • LiveControl function allows design on the fly while the SpeedMacro feature helps create conditional-logic macros easily
  • StationManager enables handling a variety of ETC button and fader stations as well as sensors and other devices

LightDesigner’s companion is the ControlDesigner software from ETC, which provides the tools to create the look of touch screen pages and other user interfaces.  

Freely downloadable from the ETC web site, ControlDesigner lets users choose from built-in graphics or build their own unique interfaces.  

Key features of ControlDesigner Software

  • DesignView function allows the user to create and edit control pages using extensive design tools
  • Buttons, faders and other controls can be added using drag-and-drop convenience
  • Custom pages including pop-up windows, background images, animated clocks, transparent buttons and navigation controls can be created with ease
  • Page display options available including animated page transitions for page changes
  • Pages can be added to create and edit timed events within the system
  • Secure-It Touch feature helps maintain the integrity of the system
  • Sound effects associated with each control can be added and edited, including audible confirmation when a button is pressed or released