Impressed with the build quality of Spotlight fresnels, Innovative Production Services has acquired several of the lighting fixtures including 18 Combi 12 F 1.2K and 12 Combi 05 F 650 watt models.  

According to Jeremy Koch, Director of Innovative Production Services, the barn door build design is simple, classy and designed for low maintenance while the simple aluminium box is efficient with its dissipation.  

Innovative’s spotlights fresnels were the only lighting fixtures required to illuminate the catwalk for Australian fashion designer Carla Zampatti’s recent spring-summer collection. The show was held in the car park beneath her Kent Street headquarters, creating a few challenges for Jeremy and his crew.  

He explains that they needed to design something that had minimal impact from a time frame point of view as the venue was still operating as a car park. Economy was also a key factor of the lighting design.  

The rigging system incorporated the audio so as to keep equipment off the floor and cables hidden. Held in the morning there was a certain amount of daylight seeping through. Lighting controls included Jands Vista 1 and a Jands HP12 dimmer.  

Jeremy also used 2m poles on a single truss down the centre of the narrow catwalk to ensure even coverage and good angles.  

The Spotlight fresnels are available from Jands, a leading Australian distributor of professional lighting systems, audio equipment and staging equipment.