With glorious views over the ocean, Henry Afrikas, a cafe, restaurant, bar and nightclub all rolled into the one venue, has recently opened its doors in Manly.

Over three diverse levels, the venue is fast becoming a favourite destination to the area's social scene.

Formerly known as Aqua Lounge, the venue has undergone a complete makeover with dramatic new interiors throughout and advanced facilities.

Henry's is the brainchild of entertainment whiz-kid Ron McCulloch, and, like his other venue Slide, he has placed his trust in Avsound Productions and JBL to ensure a top sound quality.

The nightclub area, in the basement, relies on six JBL SRX712M speakers and a couple of SRX28S subs, driven by Crown IT6000 and IT4000 amplifiers, to deliver a sound excellence second to none.

"We've used the SRX speakers in a few venues (Oxford Hotel, Martin Place Bar) and we've been very impressed by them," commented Matthew Kline, managing director of Avsound. "It's a very small box with an extremely high output and we?ve had a really good run with them in Slide too."

Four JBL Control 25AV speakers, driven by Crown XTI1000 amplifiers, service the lounge and seating areas within the nightclub.

The ground floor houses the main bar area with audio delivered via JBL Control 29 speakers with SB210 bass speakers adding an amount of warmth to the room. JBL Control 25AV speakers are used in the back area for room fill and Matthew describes this set up as working particularly well.

"They're a plastic box which is weather resistant and this is important as the venue is right on the beach and open to salt air," he explained. "Again, we've used Crown amplifiers."

The restaurant also utilises JBL Control 25 speakers, six in total, an SB210 bass speaker and Crown amplifiers. The adjacent function room is set up with JBL Control 30 and 29AV speakers, a SRX718 bass speaker and further Crown amplifiers.

All three levels are controlled by a BSS digital processor with source and volume remote in each zone.