Sydney-based broadcast audio company Final Mix Post has been a constant feature at some of Australia’s top rated reality and talent shows in the last couple of years. Active in both Sydney and Melbourne, their skills have been deployed on various shows to capture audio from unscripted judging panels or multiple game show contestants.

Broadcast doesn’t get second chances, so it has to be right the first time. That’s why Final Mix Post uses their Studer Vista 5 digital mixer with VistaMix automatic mixing. A long-time user of Studer digital mixers, John Simpson of Final Mix Post says that they sound fantastic and are very reliable and intuitive.

Final Mix Post’s Studer Vista 5 has been John’s go-to surface for most jobs, and he keeps abreast of new products from the Swiss manufacturer. While visiting Studer to demo new gear, John was blown away by VistaMix, which can run on any Vista system with a SCoreLive DSP engine and software version 4.9.

John upgraded his Vista 5 to run the new feature and immediately rolled it out. The first show to get the VistaMix treatment was Network 10’s A League of Their Own, a fast-paced, sports-themed comedic panel show hosted by comedian Tommy Little with two celebrity teams. Filmed at Sydney’s Fox Studios, it was a technically demanding job for John.

John recalled that they also had a PA for an audience of 400, and reverse monitors for each side of the panel. Final Mix Post used three VistaMix feeds, across both panels and another as a master. In addition to cleaning up the live audio feeds, VistaMix also helped simplify post production in the edit suite because the dialogue track was much tighter.

VistaMix is now an integral part of all of Final Mix Post’s work. A regular part of their setups, it is being used across the judging panel on X-Factor and Australia’s Got Talent, and will also be used on The Voice as well.

After the overwhelmingly positive user reaction, Studer is now rolling out their revolutionary automix technology across their range. In addition to the Vista family, VistaMix is now also available on Studer’s OnAir range of consoles, cleaning up mixes across the full range of broadcast applications.

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