Thirty six ETC Source Four Mini fixtures were purchased by Showtime Productions to install a lighting system designed to create an art gallery experience.

THEARTHUNTER was an ‘offline’ temporary art gallery experience from iconic website The Cool Hunter, created and produced by The Artistry. This creative concept was executed in collaboration with Jaguar to launch the brand’s first AWD concept car, the stunning C-X17.

Showtime Productions used ETC Source Four Mini lighting fixtures for the project as they delivered a host of proven benefits including ease of use, superior optics, crystal-clear image projection and a bright, even field, all packaged in a tiny fixture that’s just one-third the size of a traditional Source Four.

At a mere 23cm in length, and available in both tungsten and LED versions, the Source Four Mini can be used in museums, retail stores, restaurants, children’s theatres, and other small scale installations where size is a factor.

Arian Yeganeh, production manager at Showtime explained that aesthetically, the client wanted everything to look very neat and minimise anything that could be obstructive. The ETC Source Four Mini is a compact fixture that’s bright enough at 50 watts for this type of application. Showtime also used 20 ETC Source Four Jnr Zooms for the larger installs such as the concept car.

Since this project, Arian reports that he has used their Source Four Mini fixtures on three consecutive shows as they are so versatile. He explains they are like normal downlights but with far superior optics and framing. Ever since Showtime got their Source Four Mini fixtures, they haven’t been back to the warehouse, going from job to job.

Key features of the ETC Source Four Mini lighting fixtures include choice of four field angles - 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°, with a 63.5mm diameter lens; versions include a portable model, a canopy-ceiling mount design with an integral transformer, and a 3-circuit track-mount design; LED and low-voltage (12V) tungsten versions; E-sized gobo pattern holder and gel media frame; and a range of additional accessories.

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